The Awards Party was held at the Newport Yacht Club on 19 May at 6:30pm.

2006 Results

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23 April - It's Over. It's finally over however the season finished like a lot of the season went. Winds gusting to 30 knots kept us from racing the final day. The final results are posted.
12 Mar - 2nd weekend in a row! Wind started out light out of the SSE at about 8. Charlie Shoemaker got caught up in his main sheet before the 2nd race and went in! The wind built up during the 3rd to last race to 15-23 out of the South but no one went in the drink.
5 Mar - We had a beautiful day for racing. Sun was shining and wonderful winds, initially NNW at 8-10 and then going left to NW at 10-17. Maryann topped it off by turtleing at the finish line of the last race. Chris Mulvey also fell out of his boat when the hiking strap broke but he got back in by the stern before anyone knew it.
19 Feb - The winds were hitting the 20s out of the WNW so we sent Chris Mulvey out to see how he can do in the breeze. He took a spill when jibbing so we decided to call it. Race Canceled again!
12 Feb - Winds were 30-60 out of the Northeast and we ended up with 9 inches of snow. Canceled.
5 Feb - People arrived at the club to see 25-30 knots out of the SW. Funny, it didn't look that way back home. Race was cancled.
29 Jan - The crash boat is back running again. We had a nice day that is until it started raining! It rained for the last two races. Howevre we got 8 races in, 4 each class. Mike Inza had a great day and will be in the A fleet next week. We had 18 people racing mostly and 19 for a couple of races so all 10 boats were out for part of the day. Nice southerly breeze and then shiting to the left later on to SSE.
22 Jan - The weather was beautiful however due to a problem with the motor on the crash boat, we were unable to sail. The motor will be looked at Wednesday.
15 Jan - Winds were anywhere from 15 to 35 knots with puffs very visable hitting the water. White caps were farther away from the club. Also, several of the boats filled up with water due to the drain plugs freezing becasue the temperature dropped so fast last night and most of the boats are pretty ice covered. Racing canceled.
1 Jan - We had a decent day for racing today however we needed to shovel the snow out of the boats first. Sixteen people raced with two fleets. We had 3 races for each fleet. The wind was its usual shifty conditions out of the north and light most of the time.