Annual Dock Assignment Meeting 7PM

December 18th: 7PM

F&D Committee will be hosting a slip, small boat dock, dinghy and kayak/paddle board space assignment meeting on December 18th at 1900 hours, (7:00 PM).


We have a slip and small boat dock space wait list to work on but have no names on the dinghy and kayak/PB lists.  So, this email is to announce the opening of those lists, only.


The fees are expected to be:  $170/dinghy space and $75.00/kayak/PB space (the kayak/PB spaces are on the top of the dinghy rack and are 1/2 the width of a dinghy space).  Can you put a kayak/PB in a dinghy space, yes, in fact you can fit two in a single dinghy space. The fees are approved or modified at the December 6th General Membership Meeting.


Last year most of the people who requested a dinghy and/or kayak/PB space did not show up at the meeting therefore were dropped from the list.  So, if you do not really want a space or do not intend to attend the assignment meeting, please do not request to be added to the list.  It does involve a fair amount of time to tabulate the names in order of membership seniority.


Please, email all requests to be added to the dinghy or kayak/PB wait lists to:  Steve Damas

December 13th:

The following are due in the NYC Office:
                          Signed main slip leases with a $500 deposit, all leases for dinghy and kayak/PB racks and small boat corral.
                          Letters of request for change of locations in any area.